Forty Wall House Elevation

The Forty Wall House is an open source project.

We invite you to suggest or contribute innovative sustainable materials or technology.

To be considered, the suggestions must be

  • sourced raw from nature or
  • produced as carbon neutral,
  • perpetually renewable, recyclable or compostable,
  • produced in, or eventually produced in Australia,
  • non-polluting and healthy.

Examples of the materials currently under consideration:

  1. Wood chip, sawdust, lime (various mixtures)
  2. Green walls, sod walls
  3. Recycled paper
  4. Untreated weatherboard (various timber species)
  5. Straw panels, straw slip
  6. Hempcrete blocks
  7. Wattle and daub variations
  8. Sheep wool
  9. Innovative uses of carbon neutral brick and stone masonry
  10. Rubble gabions, gravel